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Trade Warrior - Portfolio Rebalancing for RIA Advisors

Through our integration with TradeWarrior’s rebalancing system, you can download all of your TradePMR account holdings, transactions, and prices directly into TradeWarrior. This integration provides updated values on all your client positions, which allows you to quickly trade and rebalance your client portfolios in an efficient manner. In addition, TradeWarrior will export your trading files in a file format that is compatible with TradePMR’s trading system, which allows you to execute trades in a timely fashion.

TradeWarrior was founded by former investment advisors and provides a practical real world approach to solving the rebalancing and trading needs that advisors face. The program trades in a tax-efficient manner, and can rebalance efficiently at both the Account and Household level.

You can learn more about the software at To schedule an online demo of TradeWarrior, please call 877-499-9192 ext 1.